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There are many ways of teaching piano to the children. But as far as the most followed techniques are concerned, piano is being taught by Suzuki Piano Method worldwide. The reason behind its popularity & adherences is its accuracy & formation of roots.

In this article, I will try to explain the major advantage of Suzuki method of learning piano.

In Suzuki Piano Method of learning the children are asked to play any piece of melody by ear first before playing on instrument. As I talked about building foundation, this approach majorly focusses on ear training.

So, by following this method hearing capacity of the children gets developed along with the understanding of musical notes /Sheet.

In this approach, the posture of children while playing the instrument is also very vital. Adjustable piano benches and footrests are very important for young Suzuki piano students.

 The feel & sound of a keyboard is not as good as real piano, so in this approach having a real piano at home for practice is highly recommended.

Kids Learning Piano by Suzuki Piano Method

Is Suzuki Piano Method of learning a family pack course?

Now I am going to discuss something very important that why Suzuki method of learning piano is the most tactically sound approach.

In Suzuki Way of learning piano, at the beginning initial Suzuki Piano Lessons are taught to the parents too. Parents are expected to play the piece of melody at home & guide children while practice. When kids are too young to remember the lesson, parents are expected to play the recorded lesson at home & do not let kid practice wrongly.

Hence, this learning method requires parent’s commitment too for helping children basic ear development for music production.

Suzuki Method promotes learning music by ear than notation to help someone become a proficient musician.

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